Calculating Quantities

To calculate the number of sheets required, based on our 1000mm cover width roof and wall cladding sheets, please use the instructions below.

If using imperial measurements divide the length of the roof or wall area by 3.281.

For example for a building  56′ 9″ long

Divide 56.75  by 3.281  = 17.297  Therefore you would need to allow for 18 sheets.

Inch Decimal
1 inch 0.8
2 inch 0.16
3 inch 0.25
4 inch 0.33
5 inch 0.41
6 inch 0.50
7 inch 0.58
8 inch 0.66
9 inch 0.75
10 inch 0.83
11 inch 0.91

Of course the sheet length / height dimensions will depend on your project.

When working out the sheet lengths please consider the following information.

Length of sheet from ridge to eaves (roof) or top to bottom (wall)

From ridge to eaves on a roof,  you would need to allow for any overhang into a gutter, this could range from 50mm upto 150mm depending on the eaves detailing.

From top to bottom of a wall, you would need to subtract from the length any drip flashing detail that may be used at the bottom of the sheet.

The above is for guidance, however If you are unsure, please feel free to discuss your project with us.