Built Up Insulated Roof and Wall Cladding

  • Built Up Insulated Roof and Wall Cladding
  • Built Up Insulated Roof and Wall Cladding

Built Up Insulation Systems

Many specifiers recommend built up insulated roof and wall cladding systems for complete thermal efficiency.

The insulant such as universal wool / fibreglass is sandwiched in the cavity between the top sheet MPR32 and liner panel MPL20.

The cavity in the built up insulation system is created with either:

  • The Ashgrid Safe-Loc bar system in the first diagram or
  • The mini zed purlin as shown in the second diagram.

Because of increases in the insulation thickness needed to achieve the current ‘U’ values for buildings, the Ashgrid Safe-Loc bar system is more able to deal with the increased cavity size.

Two examples of U value/ insulation thickness are shown below. Other variations are available please contact our sales office for details.

  1. Roofs 0.25 W/m2k  – 180mm Insulation
  2. Walls 0.35 W/m2k  – 120mm Insulation

In cases of high humidity a vapour barrier and breather membrane may be required. These are not shown in this example to allow clarity.

For many years a shallow profile MPL20, in a .4 gauge has been used as the liner in the built up insulation systems.

We are now able to offer a .7 gauge liner panel MPL32 in a deeper profile to match the same profile as the outer sheet. This has proved to be popular with experienced contractors.

Built Up Examples

  • Gridbar to Sheets
  • Roof over bar system

The first picture below, shows a built up system using a metal liner sheet.

The second picture shows a roof over system onto existing fibre cement sheets. Once again they do not show any vapour barrier or breather membrane to allow clarity.

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